2012 Style Beauty Best Buys


"This silky eye serum gives lacklustre skin cells a shot of much-needed energy. You'll see brighter, smoother eye contours, thanks to coffee plants and raspberry stem cells. It kept our skin hydrated all day and looking firmer, too."

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It doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to link tired skin with tissue regeneration. Drained of energy, skin tissues are unable to fully stimulate the cell-renewal process. In short, they need an extra shot of revitalising macromolecules, called ATP, and are found naturally in the body and power all cell activity.

BelleWave EyeWave Visionergy ATP Cell Activating Serum delivers just that. This eye serum combines two special complexes, Phyto-ATP and SurviYouth, with stem cells from raspberry and the coffee plant to treat damaged cells, normalise water retention, and raise collagen production levels. Think of it as the daily cuppa for a lethargic eye area – a twice-daily dose will herald improvements in skin tone, firmness and the appearance of wrinkles, as well as skin's ability to heal.