2013 Style Beauty Best Buys

Drawing on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres (the end bits of our chromosomes that have been intrinsically linked to cellular ageing), BelleWave GlamorWave Stem-Cellogist TX TeloVive Youth Synchronizer aims to boost your existing anti-ageing regime by protecting and restoring your skin's DNA to revive skin's natural functions. Skin appears more youthful as the skin's structure improves in the first hour of application, while enhanced cell turnover reduces skin imperfections.

This youth booster includes three patented ingredients: TeloXtend-TX, Stem-Cellogist and Cello-Sphere technology, which result in a smoother complexion with reduced wrinkles, a more relaxed facial expression, and a firmer complexion. Skin radiance gradually improves as CrystalLight Powder brightens dull skin, evening out irregular skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation. This 28-day, intensive skin-rejuvenation treatment will help maintain that fresh-faced glow all year round.