Most Luxurious Cleanser


"Stem-Cellogist TX TeloBright Vital Cleanser imbues skin with fresh clarity, instantly enhancing softeness, smoothness and brightness."

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Clinching the Most Luxurious Cleanser award, Stem-Cellogist TX TeloBright Vital Cleanser is inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of Telomeres to regenerate youthful skin. Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of DNA chromosomes preventing genes from erosion each time a cell divides. Its shortening generally indicates accelerated aging of skin cells.

This pampering cleanser has a velvety cleanser that glides on like a dream on skin as it lifts dirt and pollutants trapped in skin pores. Empowered with hydrating and rejuvenating powers, skin feels comfortable and more supple after cleansing, and appears fairer and more radiant with regular use, thanks to encapsulated 7-Alpine plant lighteners and soothing Swiss glacier water that hydrates skin up to 24 hours.

Cutting-edge actives TeloXtend-TX and Stem-Cellogist dive right to the core of skin youth to stall aging. TeloXtend-TX maintains the length of telomeres in DNA while boosting healthier skin cell function to delay cell deterioration. Stem-Cellogist improves skin stem cell vitality as it stimulates optimal skin rejuvenation and delays the formation of wrinkles with rare Swiss Uttwiller Spatlauber apple stem cells and Cello-Sphere encapsulation technology.