Does your skin need a detox too?

January is without a doubt, the month of the detox.

Hot on the heels of a boozy party season, a juice cleanse or back-to-back sweat-drenched cardio sessions may provide just the toxin-flushing you need to press reset on your health, but it is worth remembering that your complexion can also benefit from a good cleanse.

Fortunately when it comes to your skin, a less gruelling strategy is in order. From the humble charcoal to mineral-rich sea salt, we’ve rounded up a selection of four pore-shrinking, purifying actives to prep skin for another year’s worth of beauty adventures.

.     .     .

Sea Salt, is rich in magnesium and calcium, which improves hydration by strengthening the barrier function of the skin. Those minerals — in addition to zinc and potassium, other components of unrefined salt — are classified by scientists as "natural moisturization factors" for the way they support the skin's water balance. When you improve the skin's barrier function, it is very likely that less particulate matter penetrates skin.

Antioxidants are free radical-scavengers that detoxify skin — “mopping up” DNA-damaging aggressors — to decrease the damage caused by environmental stressors such as air pollutants, as well as the harmful bi-products of diet, smoking and UV exposure.

This humble-looking ingredient is taking the beauty world by storm. Working like a vacuum, Charcoal is absorbent enough to draw out all the gunk that you do not want lurking in your pores. Just note that in order for it to work, Charcoal has to sit on skin for a full minute. For that reason, either leave a charcoal cleanser on skin for that amount of time or use a charcoal mask.

Soft clay masks are the revamped version of the old, familiar clay masks. They work the same way as charcoal, by drawing dirt out of skin, but with an added benefit. Soft Clay is usually mixed with moisturizing botanical oils (like lavender, sweet almond and safflower) to hydrate, making it a an ideal choice for dry and sensitive skin.