Stem-Cellogist TX Professional

The Award-Winning Cellular Youth Rejuvenation Programme

The Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres marked a giant leap for skin science. These protective caps at the ends of our DNA chromosomes protect our genes from being eroded each time a cell divides. Telomeres are considered an index of cell age, and are like a clock of the cell’s lifespan. Telomere shortening means the cell’s lifespan is decreasing and this leaves it vulnerable to damage and aging.

Inspired by the discovery of Telomere Biology, Bellewave Advance Dermatological Research has developed Stem-Cellogist-TX to recreate, reconstruct and regenerate youthful skin. This breakthrough in skincare represents one of the most advanced in cellular therapy, re-establishing the foundation for enduring youth with spectacular regeneration, cell-by-cell.


Stem-Cellogist TX™ contains multiple actives that works holistically to provide intense rejuvenation on 3 levels.

Telo-Xtend-TX™, is one of the key actives in this revolutionary skin treatment, is a scientific “youth stimulator” complex that propels deep in skin layers, drastically boosting cell functions. It helps to maintain length of telomeres, extending its lifespan by 1/3
Stem-Cellogist™ is an extract from a rare Swiss apple species using state-of-the-art biotechnological processes. Through its proprietary encapsulation technology, Cellosphere™, it provides a deeper skin layer activation of skin stem cells’ potential for endless regeneration.
Planktonomics™ Extract reboots the physical barrier, chemical barrier and hydra-memory – 3 major skin functions needed for optimal skin renewal. Glycolag Factor impedes the glycation process to maintain collagen and elastin fibers’ structural integrity. Its unique liposomal delivery system allows it to be activated deeper into skinn, providing maximum efficacy. Stem-Cellogist TX™ also harnesses the power for Dermal-Epidermal Junction Protein Stimulator, a special active that supports skin’s structural integrity, enhances epidermal nourishment and molecular communication to improve skin’s compactness, tonicity and firmness.


Stem-Cellogist TX™ boosts skin cell regeneration, triggering the self-renewal potential of dermal stem cells, boosts cell function and skin renewal. It also in reconstruction of skin structure, rebuilding the network of collagen and elastin fibers. Skin’s ability to resist oxidative stress is also vastly enhanced, leading to an extra layer of protection to skin. Skin nutrition is improved as its technologically advanced actives enables deeper penetration of actives into skin and speeds up absorption of nutrients. Stem-Cellogist TX™ also works on strengthening the skin barrier to lock in moisture.

REAL TRANSFORMATION RESULTS from the 1st Application*

Stem-Cellogist TX™ is able to show instant benefits from the very 1st treatment.
· Immediately smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles
· Replenishes volume for increased firmness and elasticity
· Eradicated pigmentation & evens out skin tone for a unified complexion
· Nourishes skin with nutrients for optimal vitality and health
· Hydrates skin for increased softness and suppleness

Stem-Cellogist TX™ is available only at Authorized Bellewave Salons. Check out for more details.