Blanc Precision™ ProWhite System

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Intelligent Targeting of Pigmentation Sources for a Lightened Complexion


Regain pristine fairness with a groundbreaking smart whitening treatment that uses revolutionary dermal science and nano-delivery technology to stop pigmentation before it occurs. Going beyond lightening visible discolorations on the surface, this dermatological breakthrough lies in its advanced ingredient delivery system that accurately targets the melanin-inducing hormone α-MSH, and prevents the start of melanin production.

Key Benefits

  • Helps to lighten stubborn pigmentation and dark spots
  • Brightens dull skin and even out overall complexion
  • Boosts hydration to enhance skin luminosity and suppleness

Key Actives 

WhiteSourceTM Target Technology: The α-MSH hormone is produced by skin cells as a protective response to UV radiation and hormonal change. When α-MSH is activated, it begins a series of reaction that triggers melanin production. This state-of-the-art delivery system is designed to scan, detect and lock onto α-MSH, enabling the transfer of nano-sized peptides directly onto melanocytes, thereby neutralizing them with extreme accuracy. The peptides’ high bio-compatibility to the skin’s natural composition ensures thorough absorption of its intensive spot lightening benefits.

DoubleBright ComplexTM : This express skin lightening composition helps to speed up the effects of other lightening ingredients through a unique mode of action that inhibits the activation of tyrosinase - an enzyme that escalates oxidation, which in turn triggers melanin production. Its accelerating action allows desired results to be visible in half the time necessary for conventional skin lighteners to take effect.

MelaPath-InhibitorTM This marine microorganism extract blocks melanin transportation and distribution in the epidermis. By inhibiting the transfer process of melanosomes, it consistently reduces the deposition of melanin in the epidermis. Pigmentation is modulated as a result.

NeuroEaseTM This unique tri-peptide utilizes a high-tech neuro-action to soothe irritated skin, thereby preventing pigmentation caused by neurogenic inflammation. It aids in reducing redness and swelling, while balancing the skin sensitivity threshold.

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