B.Lift Essensuals™

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Beautifies the Bust with Visible Lift & Firmness

An essential for every woman, our B.Lift Essensual™ treatment promotes the appearance of a full and defined bust silhouette. The treatment utilizes innovative firming active complexes, Bust Beautonix™ and Collactive Complex™, along with a plethora of natural phytoestrogens to help create invisible support that restores lift and tone to the cleavage. Algae-derived polysaccharides prevent unsightly skin creping by cushioning the décolletage with a water-rich network. The results are undeniable as the bust appears youthfully plump, smooth and silky-soft.


Key benefit:

Bust Beautonix™: This active complex is rich in growth factors that imparts stimulating, restructuring and invigorating benefits to the skin around the bust area. It promotes healthy collagen levels, enhancing bust firmness, tone and definition.

Collactive Complex™:

Protects skin from internal and external aggressors, thus addressing photoaging. It helps to boost collagen levels in skin, in particular type III collagen, considered to be an important element in keeping skin youthfully soft and plump. In-vitro tests demonstrate that Collactive Complex™ can increase type III collagen by almost 300% in just 7 days.

Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract: Rich in flavonoids and phytosterol saponosides, Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract possesses properties and a chemical structure similar to the female hormone, estrogen. It infuses moisture to skin and helps support collagen and elastin levels; helping to tone the bust and improve firmness.

Bust-Up Enhancer: An active blend of phytoestrogens that helps to balance the female hormones. It supports healthy collagen levels which increases the tonicity of the bust area. Also helps to promote the appearance of fuller and volumized breasts. It targets stretch marks and improves overall skin texture, leaving the décolletage feeling soft and supple. 

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