Cellu-Rid Body Gel

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Corrects Cellulite for a Smoother, Re-Sculpted Body Silhouette


A lipo-regulating plant extract harmonizes the silhouette by blasting cellulite on thighs, hips, tummy and bottom; reducing existing fat deposits and preventing new ones from forming.

Key Benefits:

  • Smoothens out the appearance of cellulite for a refined silhouette
  • Stimulates micro-circulation and relieves water retention to de-puff the body contours
  • Nourishes skin to maintain smoothness and firmness

Key Actives

Caffeine: Aids to ease puffiness by stimulating microcirculation to encourage the drainage of excess fluid.

Lypolitic Active: A highly effective lipolytic blend that acts in different phases to regulate lipolysis. This encourages constant, ongoing action in order to produce maximum results for a re-sculpted body contour.

Menthol: An effective circulation stimulant. Soothes and refreshes skin with a fresh, cooling sensation.

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