CurveXpert 3D Power Shaper

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Recharges the Body's Ability to Arrest Fat at its Origins


This ultra-concentrated ampoule helps to break down fat deposits, drain toxins and firm the body – three powerful actions that synergize to re-sculpt curves and reduce the appearance of lumps and bumps.

At the core of the innovation stands groundbreaking active, StemSlimTM, derived from the extracts of the milk thistle plant. Delving deep into the origins of stubborn fat, the formula targets the problem by its root; interfering with the formation of fat deposits and reducing the accumulation of fat deposits. The ampoule utilizes a high-precision controlled technology to put a freeze on fat, and further combines it with energizing actives, Guarana Seeds and Carnitine to rev up metabolism and purge excess fluids. Fortified with actives rich in peptides and free radical-quenching properties, the super-charged innovation strengthens skin’s integrity to restore a dimple-free appearance. The nutrient-rich essence glides over skin, immersing the body in moisture to improve softness. Experience a radical transformation as this multi-tasking body perfector remodels a shapelier silhouette.

Key Benefits:

  • Interferes with the formation of fat deposits at its root source
  • Promotes a dimple-free appearance and improves skin texture
  • Revs up skin metabolism to alleviate toxin and fluid retention

Key Actives

StemSlim: Derived from the milk thistle plant, StemSlim is rich in silybin. It fights fat by intervening with fat formation at a stem cellular level. Delving into the source of fat cells, the active radically interferes with the biochemical signals transmitted to stem cells. This leads to a lower amount of fat deposits forming, as less stem cells have been converted into fat cells. StemSlim further prevents the maturation process of fat cells and revs up skin metabolism to help decrease the size of existing fat cells. It also hinders fat cells from multiplying, thus improving any “orange peel” appearance while restoring smoothness. In vitro studies demonstrate that StemSlim is able to reduce up to 25% of mature fat cells. It is also effective in toning and firming up skin.

Paullinia Cupana (Guarana) Seeds: A herbal active that is extremely rich in caffeine. It triggers a two-pronged action by encouraging an active metabolism and targeting fat deposits.

Carnitine: A natural substance found within the body, Carnitine is essential for energy formation and an active metabolism. It is responsible for transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria – the powerhouses of cells – so that they can be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine also functions to clear metabolic waste products out of the mitochondria, enabling energy production to be at its peak output. This ensures that less fatty acids gets stored as accumulated body fat.

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