Oxygenique Therapy

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Boosts Skin’s Oxygen Levels to Revitalize, Illuminate & Combat Free Radical Damage


The ultimate solution for tired and lackluster skin, the state-of-the-art Oxygenique Therapy taps into the powers of Oxygen to breathe vitality back into skin. Pure oxygen molecules propel, release and deliver into deep skin layers to instantly recharge cell metabolism and revive skin functions. Skin instantly regains health, radiance and an even skin tone that fights free radicals with heightened efficacy.

Key Benefits:

  • Oxygenates skin to recharge energy metabolism and revive optimal skin functions
  • Infuses bright radiance, evens skin tone and boosts fresh skin renewal
  • Strengthens skin’s defense system with powerful free radical-fighting properties to effectively combat damage caused by external aggressors

Key Actives

O2Sphere: An encapsulated complex of pure Oxygen, Jojoba Oil and bio-compatible Ceramides, O2Sphere is engineered with perfluorodecalin, an advanced carrier system that delivers, releases and dissolves oxygen molecules deep into the extracellular water that surrounds cells. Oxygen levels rises up to 10mmHg within 1.5 hours to transform energy within skin and empower each cell to renew with acceleration. O2Sphere also replaces skin’s natural ceramides – lipids that act as water-binding “cement” to boost moisture levels by 71% for up to 6 hours. Skin regains up to 31% of smoothness, with wrinkles and fine lines plumping up by 28%.

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