Planktonic Power Essencious™ Kit

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Extreme Resilience. Harnessed from the Mystical Energies of the Sea. 


Planktonic Power Essencious is a marine-inspired treatment best suited for complexions prone to bouts of fatigue and blemishes. Oceana Placenta ComplexTM – a selected blend of highly-nutritious sea vegetables and marine plankton – synergizes with algae-derived polysaccharides and a precious mineral to purify, energize and strengthen skin. The treatment intensively re-mineralizes skin and locks in hydration, enforcing the skin barrier to build stronger resilience against external aggressors. As skin’s inborn defense system powers up, the complexion revives with clarity and a soft, supple texture.

Key Benefits 

  1. Builds up skin’s resilience against the invisible drivers of aging – pollution, oxidation & stress
  2. Nourishes skin with a concentration of vitamins, minerals & nutrients to boost healthier barrier functions
  3. Hydrates skin & regulates sebum levels for a clear, dewy look

Key Actives

Oceana Placenta ComplexTM: A dynamic blend of highly-nutritious sea vegetables and marine plankton. Rich in essential vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes, this complex nourishes and hydrates skin to build up a healthy barrier function. This enables skin to effectively defend against visible aging signs caused by oxidative stress and UV damage. Clinical studies have shown that Oceana Placenta ComplexTM can help to decrease wrinkle length and depth by up to 20% and smoothen skin texture by up to 24%. Also improves skin’s innate ability to optimize healthy moisture levels for long-lasting softness and suppleness.

Sea Vegetables Complex: A blend of nutrient- and mineral-rich sea vegetables, Palmaria Palmata, Wakame and Laminaria Digitata. These marine plants hold a superior ability of absorbing and binding sea-derived minerals to their cells, making it a key source of magnesium, calcium, iron and iodine. The complex boosts elasticity and hydration levels by purifying skin, improving its moisture-retention capabilities and maintaining a healthy hydrolipidic film.

Malachite Extract: A rare and precious liquid stone mineral rich with free radical-quenching and purifying benefits. It imparts a shot of energy to tired skin, empowering its renewal and revival processes.

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