Potent White Perfection Mask

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Infuses Skin with Radiance & Fairness


This comforting sheet mask drenches skin with a generous dose of brightening actives. The intense formula accelerates cell renewal and lightens existing pigmentation, delivering instant results for a breathtakingly radiant finish.

Key Benefits:

  • Lightens pigmentation, discolorations & evens out skin tone
  • Accelerates cell renewal & supports elastin & collagen production
  • Amps up hydrations levels to boost radiance

Key Actives

Lactic Acid: Derived from milk and known as a gentle skin exfoliator, this active helps remove dead skin cells and improve cell turnover. This helps to lighten pigmentation or discoloration and improves overall skin condition.

Allantoin: Boosts skin moisture and acts as a protective barrier against dryness. Also improves moisture retention, thereby giving smooth, hydrated, glowing skin.

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