Triple Power Blemish Clarifier

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Fast Alleviation of Skin Blemishes, Clogged Pores & Inflammation 


A fast solution for oily, clogged and acne-prone skin. The oil-free emulsion effectively minimizes the appearance of blemishes and prevents breakouts. By regulating the skin's production, it clears pores and fights acne-causing bacteria. 

As part of the daily skincare regime, the clarifier effectively prevents recurring blemishes and lightens acne-related scares, tightens powers and refines skin texture. 

Key Benefits

Skin rebounds with purity and smoothness with the triple power actions of the clarifier: 

  • Minimizes the appearance of blemishes while prevent new ones from forming
  • Regulates sebum production to unclog pores 
  • Combats bacteria & calms inflammation for fresher, clearer and smoother skin! 

Key Actives

AcnoZymeThis complex helps to fight acne-causing bacteria and defend against acne growth, effectively decreasing the size of blemishes and activating skin healing process from inflammation. 

Salicylic Acid: An effective keratolytic agent that promotes exfoliation to imrpove skin texture. By encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells trapped within the follicle, it unclogs pores and keeps pores clear of impurities. 

SebumClearTMBy regulating sebocyte differentiation and proliferation, while controlling sebum secretions, it helps to tighten pores and achieve a shin-free appearance. 

Cinnamon Extract: Conditions the skin with high antioxidant properties, while its astringent benefits help to calm irritated skin and unclog pores. 


Apply a thin layer to whole face and/or top up a small amount on trouble spots on freshly cleansed and toned skin. Should be used as part of a continous, intensive blemish care program. 

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