Hydra-Smooth Hand & Body Cream

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Replenishes Hydration to Restore Smoothness & Suppleness


An exceptional cream formulated with Dead Sea Salt to infuse skin with essential minerals and hydration. It boosts skin's reparative functions and helps tackle aging. Skin soaks up the luxuriant cream and is enveloped in a silky smooth veil all day.

Key Benefits:

  • Deeply hydrates skin to restore softness, suppleness and tautness
  • Boosts circulation to intensively revitalize skin and impart a healthy glow
  • Intensively nourishes with essential minerals and protects from free radical damage

Key Actives

Dead Sea Salt: Rich in essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium, this natural salt improves hydration by strengthening skin's barrier function and supporting its water balance. Dead Sea Salt moisturizes the skin through osmosis - a process whereby it attracts water and draws moisture and nutrients from the deeper levels of the skin up to the epidermis. This helps increase skin's hydration both on the top and dermal levels. It is also able to stimulate circulation, effectively increasing the glow, suppleness and softness of skin.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E): A powerful free radical quencher that has the ability to help ease the conditions of swelling and redness. It also helps to promote firmer and suppler skin.

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