Pro-Enzymatique Gommage

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Resurfaces Skin for a Glowing Complexion


The prowess of this innovative gel exfoliant is its brightening and youth-enhancing benefits. At the heart of the formulation lies multi-action enzymes from superfruit active, Pomegranate, to empower your skin's natura; renewing abilities. Combating signs of dullness and fatigue, the gommage visibly rolls, lifts and sloughs away dead surface build-up and impurities to uncover a radiant and refined complexion. Your healthy skin is revived with bright luminance, softness and smoothness. 

Key Benefits

  • Sloughs away surface build-up & impurities while boosting radiance 
  • Helps to enhance skin's smoothness 
  • Conditions skin while strengthening its defenses against external aggressors 

Key Actives

Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Extract: Pomegranates have been inducted into the elite group of superfruits because of its excellent health benefits. It boosts skins' defenses against free radicals and supports its ability to retain moisture. This active revitalizes skin tone with its brightening and lightening abilities. 

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