Seed Affinity Essencious™ Kit

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Intense Nourishment. Revives Skin with the Bursting Goodness of Seed Nutrients. 


Perfect for compromised complexions or skin showing its first signs of aging, Seed Affinity Essencious reveals a rejuvenated, youthful-looking complexion. A powerhouse of six seeds – each handpicked for their deeply nourishing properties – work in harmony to hydrate, firm and plump up facial contours. Seeds from Cranberries, Strawberries and Raspberries strengthen weakened skin with a continuous supply of essential fatty acids – ensuring healthy collagen and elastin levels to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Natural emollients, Olive, Rapeseed and Soy, create a lipid-rich network on skin’s surface and help build resilience to external stress. This relieves signs of aging like dullness, dryness and fatigue. Skin looks younger, longer.

Key Benefits

  1. Infuses skin with Omega 3,6 & 9 – essential fatty acids that keep skin looking plump & youthful
  2. Optimizes moisture levels by restoring skin’s hydrolipidic layer
  3. Strengthens skin’s barrier & builds up skin’s protection against external aggressors

Key Actives

Wonder Seed Affinity Dose: Bring wondrous new life to the complexion as this essence drives nurturing moisture deep into skin. Enriched with bio-compatible active, Rapeseed Biomimetic ComplexTM, the formula fuels skin’s natural functions and imbues skin with free radical-quenching benefits to help protect against environmental assaults. Skin is revitalized with an even, smooth texture and tone.

Phyto Lush Massage Cream: Designed with moisture-rich replenishers, Soybean Protein and Olive Liquid Crystals, this intensely nourishing massage cream penetrates deep into skin layers, revitalizing from within with continuous hydration. The formula releases a rich amount of soothing vitamin E into skin, encouraging all of skin functions to work at an optimal balance. Skin transforms with radiance, suppleness and smoothness for a complexion that is healthy and refined.

VitalFusion Water: Like “liquid energy”, our exclusive VitalFusion Water addresses overall skin decline. This revolutionary fluid is formulated around Malachite – a semi-precious gemstone known for its detoxifying properties – to energize and protect skin. Magnifying the formula’s protective powers are rare botanical stem cells that elevates skin’s resilience against damage caused by oxidative stress. Infused with vital energy, skin is able to focus on natural renewal and revitalization.

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