Stem-Cellogist Pack

Stem-Cellogist Pack

The Powerful Duoin Age Defence & Brightening The Stem-Cellogist™ range is enriched with cultured phytostem cells of rare botanical origin. This miracle ingredient triggers the skin stem cells’ innate potential for continuous renewal, this delaying aging of skin. Working on the cellular level, this is a true breakthrough in the fight against aging. The skin is endowed with youthfulness and longevity. Stem-Cellogist™ Radiant-Smooth Cleanser    This facial wash lavishes skin in a luxuriously soft texture and infuses skin with a layer of intense hydration. High-performance ingredients remove dirt and grime completely, bringing immense purity without stripping skin of its natural oils. A luminous complexion is brought out as skin is renewed, flaunting a look of transformative refinement. Skin takes on a smoother texture and feels supple to the touch. Pores and fine lines are minimized in the overall appearance. A significant radiance emerges, awakening a youthfully rejuvenated visage.    Stem Cellogist™ Youth Complex        This powerful serum helps to protect and maintain healthy skin. With a multitude of highly potent active ingredients, it helps to delay the onset of the signs of aging. Visible improvements in tonicity, firmness and radiance are achieved with continuous use as skin steadily regains youthfulness. Benefits:
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis & helps to preserve vitality of the skin
  • Provides superior protection against damaging free radicals, brightens overall complexion & helps lighten scars
  • Removes blackheads, tightens pores & refines skin texture