Stem-Cellogist Radiant Smooth Cleanser

Stem-Cellogist Radiant Smooth Cleanser

Unveils Flawless Luminosity & Refines Skin with Hydration This facial wash lavishes skin in a luxuriously soft texture and infuses skin with a layer of intense hydration. High-performance ingredients remove dirt and grime completely, bringing immense purity without stripping skin of its natural oils. A luminous complexion is brought out as skin is renewed, flaunting a look of transformative refinement. Skin takes on a smoother texture and feels supple to the touch. Pores and fine lines are minimized in the overall appearance. A significant radiance emerges, awakening a youthfully rejuvenated visage. Benefits:
  • Brightens, firms and refines skin to minimize the appearance of pores
  • Improves skin's ability to retain moisture for deep nourishment
  • Gently sloughs away dead cells and prevents skin dullness