Super Eye Brightener Eye Contour Gel

Super Eye Brightener Eye Contour Gel

Restores Brightness & Vibrancy to Eyes
This gentle vitalizing gel helps to brighten under-eye dark circles and alleviate puffiness. It also moisturizes the skin deeply, helps calm the epidermis and reduces fatigue around the eye contours. Delicate eye area is boosted, firmed and lightened. Benefits:
  • Brightens under-eye dark circles & reduces puffiness
  • Soothes the delicate eye contours & alleviates signs of fatigue
  • Tightens pores, purifies, moisturizes, & provides suppleness to the skin
Stem-Cellogist Youth Infinique Wonder Veil

Stem-Cellogist Youth Infinique Wonder Veil

Essential Youth Protection & Skin-Perfecting Flawlessness
Recreate the natural light of perfect skin with this multi-functional essence that contains the precious oils of ancient plants to protect skin from pollutants and environmental stressors. Enhancing UVA protection and cell-regenerating capabilities of Stem-Cellogist™, it prevents further collagen degradation to skin. Advanced color technology transforms the cream’s shade to release mineral pigments that remineralize skin, imparting luminosity and intensive hydration. The intelligent technology adapts to skin tone and unifies the complexion to double-up as a foundation, concealer and primer for long-lasting perfection. Benefits:
  • High pollution-resistance properties shield skin from environmental elements and external aging
  • Advanced DNA, Collagen and Antioxidant protection to preserve skin’s youthfulness
  • Encapsulated natural mineral pigments remineralize skin and surround it with luminous radiance