Blanc Precision ProWhite System

Regain pristine fairness with a groundbreaking smart whitening treatment that uses revolutionary dermal science and nano-delivery technology to stop pigmentation before it occurs. Going beyond lightening visible discolorations on the surface, this dermatological breakthrough lies in its advanced ingredient delivery system that accurately targets the melanin-inducing hormoneαMSH, and prevents the start of melanin production.

  • Deep Awakening Complex
  • DoubleWhite Concentrate
  • Aqua Revive Essence
  • DoubleWhite Intensive Booster
  • LumiSnow Nutritive Mask
  • DoubleWhite Concentrate


  • Lighten stubborn pigmentation and dark spots
  • Brightens dull skin and even out overall complexion
  • Boots hydration to enhance skin luminosity and suppleness
Blanc-Precision-ProWhite-System ,