Planktonic Power Essencious Kit

Awakens Skin with Precious Oceanic Treasures
Duration: 75 mins

Planktonic Power Essencious is a marine-inspired treatment best suited for complexions prone to bouts of fatigue and blemishes. Oceana Placenta ComplexTM – a selected blend of highly-nutritious sea vegetables and marine plankton – synergizes with algae-derived polysaccharides and a precious mineral to purify, energize and strengthen skin. The treatment intensively re-mineralizes skin and locks in hydration, enforcing the skin barrier to build stronger resilience against external aggressors. As skin’s inborn defense system powers up, the complexion revives with clarity and a soft, supple texture. 

  •  Deepsea Mineral Power Dose
  •  Aqua Marine Massage Gel
  •  Ocean Bloom NutriFusion Mask + VitalFusion Water
  •  Deepsea Mineral Power Dose


  • Builds up skin’s resilience against the invisible drivers of aging – pollution, oxidation & stress
  • Nourishes skin with a concentration of vitamins, minerals & nutrients to boost healthier barrier functions
  • Hydrates skin & regulates sebum levels for a clear, dewy look
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