Stem-Cellogist TX Professional

Based on the Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery of Telomeres to Recreate, Reconstruct & Regenerate Youthful Skin
Duration: 90 mins

By triggering a cascading series of micro-transformations in skin, wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed out, with skin regaining resilience and tautness. The treatment also lightens imperfections caused by UV damage such as pigmentation and evens out skin tone to recover a fresh glow of luminescence that could only belong to healthy, youthful skin.

  • Stem-Cellogist TX NuEnzyme Peel
  • Stem-Cellogist TX PhytoTensor Massage Essence I
  • Stem-Cellogist TX LiftXpress Ampoule
  • Stem-Cellogist TX Sea Caviar Luxe Massage Cream II
  • Stem-Cellogist TX Gold Champagne Redensify Mask + Activator


  • Smoothens out fine lines & wrinkles while replenishing volume for increased firmness & elasticity
  • Lightens pigmentation & evens out skin tone for an uniformly illuminated & fresh complexion
  • Nourishes skin with nutrients, hydration & vitamins for optimal vitality & health
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