Clarifique Therapy

Clarifique TherapyTM treatment provides a powerful approach to thoroughly purify and restore a healthy equilibrium to oily and troubled skin. Working straight from the core, it combines the comprehensive action of the ClariTox System with precise actives to holistically purify, regulate and rebalance skin in a transformational 3-pronged approach that is essential for clear and flawless skin

  • Phyto-Fruit Clay Peel
  • Pore Refining Complex
  • Hydra-Calming Pack
  • Precious Mineral Mask
  • Hydra-Calming Pack


  • Eliminates dead surface build-up, unclogs pores and regulates healthy sebum production
  • Purifies skin and decongests deeply-embedded impurities
  • Strengthens skin’s defense system to prevent the reformation of congestion and breakouts
Clarifique-Therapy ,