White Revival Ampoule

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Intensively Targets Stubborn Hyperpigmentation to Unveil Lighter and More Even Skin Tone


Specifically formulated for pigment problems, this intensive lightening concentrate zooms in and targets stubborn hyperpigmentation. Holding a high concentration of advanced ingredients, these dynamic actives work synchronously with synergistic efficacy to help reduce visible effects of sun and environmental damage like pigmentation, discoloration and uneven skin tone. Promoting skin clarity and translucent radiance, skin appears brighter and more luminous while being protected from future discoloration. 

Key Benefit:

  • Addresses existing hyperpigmentation & discoloration to lighten skin tone

  • Help prevent further formation of other skin pigmentation & discoloration

  • Brightens & evens out skin tone for a luminous & unified complexion

Key Actives

Tranexamic Acid: This high-performing active aids in skin lightening by targeting hyperpigmentation, discoloration and other melanin-related problems caused by UV radiation from the sun. Tranexamic Acid is also an effective free radical combater with smoothening and soothing properties.

Alpha Arbutin: The effective action of Alpha Arbutin works from deep within the skin to hinder pigmentation process so skin is lightened faster. An α–glucoside by nature, Alpha Arbutin is able to help lighten spots and protect against UV damage. It also helps to correct pigmented conditions for even skin tone.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate: Promote overall skin lightening and brightening. 

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