In-Cabin Treatment Kits

Skinbiome Recharge

Skinbiome Recharge

An orchestra of carefully selected actives combined to encourage microbiome balance and re-establish ideal skin moisture levels. The restoration of hydro-biotic harmony on the skin helps restore optimal barrier functions, resulting in resilient, long-lasting healthy complexion. Designed to be suitable on all skin types, this treatment calms skin redness and irritations while helping to reduce congestion and impurities. Skin complexion will glow with a healthy radiance, a refined texture and smoother appearance.
  • Hydra-Biome+ Softening Booster
  • Hydra-Biome+ Power Dose
  • Hydra-Biome+ Massage Gel
  • Hydra-Biome+ Whipped Mask
  • Helps to strengthen & restore microbiome ecosystem for resilient skin
  • Visibly improves skin texture & unifies overall tone for a clear and refined skin sheer
  • Replenishes & retains optimal skin moisture for a soft, supple and healthy-looking complexion
Prismatique Glow

Prismatique Glow

Evokes Translucence and Glow with Infinite Luminescent Actives Duration: 75 mins This intensive glow system is engineered to create the ideal conditions to achieve glass-like translucence skin – driven by an ultra-stabilized active form of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione supplemented by 24K Submicrometric Gold Particles carrier resulting in a formulation that infinitely regenerates antioxidants. This remarkable mechanism promotes a continuous, long-lasting glow and radiance. The unique Cryo-lyophilized (freeze-dried) masque preserves the potency of its skin-reconditioning ingredients in a macromolecular membrane derived from natural Eucalyptus plant fibers. A shot of energy from ActiFusion Water re-awakens the embedded actives, delivering a plethora of moisture-boosting benefits deep into the skin. The combination of advanced active ingredients and innovative delivery pathway augments this 4-step approach to immediately help skin achieve a translucence trifecta of unified tone, dewy complexion, and re-energized glow.
  • 24K C-Luminance Power Dose
  • 24K C-Brilliance Creme
  • ActiRelease Glow Masque + ActiFusion Water
  • Powered by an infinite regenerating antioxidant to achieve glass-like translucency and unified tone
  • Visibly re-energized dull, lifeless skin for a healthy complexion
  • Replenishes moisture levels in skin with a boost of nutrients for a plump, supple and noticeably long-lasting dewy skin
Vacc-netique Defense System

Vacc-netique Defense System

A cutting-edge treatment system that has been strategically engineered to strengthen the skin's defenses against modern-day pollution. Vacc-netique Defense System is a complete 360° solution that expunges pollutants from skin while buffering up anti-oxidant protection from within. The powers of magnetic force fields are combined with the extraordinary purifying capabilities of Dead Sea minerals to purge pollutants and heavy metals from the deepest crevices of pores.

Skin is further protected with Artic-derived extracts that block the penetration of invisible blue-light emissions, reducing the damaging effects of digital screens that cause premature skin aging. Skin is fortified and protected against environmental stressors, and complexion returns to its healthy luminosity.

  • BioMagnetiqueTM Deep Sea Mud Pack
  • Qi’nergy Nutritive Elixir
  • 360º Pollu-Defense Dose


  • Rejuvenates skin by purging urban skin pollutants
  • Protects against urban and digital pollutants to help maintain skin youth
  • Revitalizes the complexion by boosting elasticity
White Neurogist Professional Express Lightening Expert+

White Neurogist Professional Express Lightening Expert+

This next generation advanced lightening system contains several potent lightening actives that unleash targeted action within a six-step program. Unsurpassed lightening powers correct yellowish, dull and uneven skin tones. A perfectly illuminated complexion is revealed as the system helps to lighten stubborn pigmentation, brown spots and acne scar marks.  At the heart of the powerful treatment is a Nobel Prize-winning discovery of an active with 125 times stronger antioxidant activity than vitamin C.  A complex of 7 bio-technically derived actives delivers a multi-dimensional lightening approach that targets existing melanin and helps to prevent further discoloration. Acting on 3 important levels, the complex targets the root source by intercepting the pathways of pigmentation formation.  Fortified with NeuroEase, an innovative tri-peptide formulated to help alleviate biological responses that may arise from neurogenic inflammation. It intercepts pigmentation formation by calming skin and reinforcing its defense barrier against melanin stimulants. Skin regains and retains its inherent luminosity, revealing a crystal-clear, glowing fairness. 
  • Fights free radicals & helps to counter oxidative stress on skin 
  • Helps lighten stubborn pigmentation & brown spots safely, with long-lasting effects 
  • Helps correct yellowish, dull & uneven skin tones, prevent future discoloration & preserve skin fairness for longer 
Pure-ED System

Pure-ED System

Lifestyle factors such as long work hours, travelling, and imbalanced diet combined with harsh weather and air pollution can subject skin to fatigue, stress and dryness. Without proper care, men’s skin can look tired, dull and oily with loss of tone. Engineered to tackle these unique characteristics, Pure-ED System™ is a 4-step, all-encompassing program that recharges skin functions. A profusion of standout actives amplify skin’s potential to work harder and recover faster; unleashing vitality for an energized and clear look. 


  • Revitalizes skin by boosting cell renewal & purging out embedded impurities 
  • Controls shine & invigorates skin with optimized water-sebum levels 
  • Strengthens skin’s defenses against external aggressors with a profusion of nourishment 
Clarifique Therapy

Clarifique Therapy

Clarifique TherapyTM treatment provides a powerful approach to thoroughly purify and restore a healthy equilibrium to oily and troubled skin. Working straight from the core, it combines the comprehensive action of the ClariTox System with precise actives to holistically purify, regulate and rebalance skin in a transformational 3-pronged approach that is essential for clear and flawless skin
  • Phyto-Fruit Clay Peel
  • Pore Refining Complex
  • Hydra-Calming Pack
  • Precious Mineral Mask
  • Hydra-Calming Pack
  • Eliminates dead surface build-up, unclogs pores and regulates healthy sebum production
  • Purifies skin and decongests deeply-embedded impurities
  • Strengthens skin’s defense system to prevent the reformation of congestion and breakouts
H2Osmotique Therapy

H2Osmotique Therapy

The ultimate source of hydration for dry and dehydrated skin, our powerful H2Osmotique TherapyTM treatment delivers an avalanche of intense moisture to skin in an instant. The 5-step meticulous treatment features a plethora of hydro-intelligent actives that completely immerse skin in moisture, soothing sensitivities and restoring suppleness all at once.
  • Aqua Soft Peel
  • Hydractive Concentrate
  • Organic Nutritive Oil
  • HA-Glacier Velvet Mousse
  • Collagenic Moist Essence
  • Reactivates skin's hydration mechanisms and replenishes its water reserves to re-hydrate skin and soothe sensitivities
  • Plumps skin up with hydration, increasing suppleness, dewiness and "bounce"
  • Re-nourishes skin with high concentration of fatty essential acids, vitamins and minerals - components essential to fight environment stress
Oxygenique Therapy

Oxygenique Therapy

The ultimate solution for tired and lackluster skin, our state-of-the-art Oxygenique TherapyTM instantly delivers a concentrated boost of energy to revive functions for healthy skin vitality. The 4-step intensive program is powered by pure encapsulated Oxygen molecules that recharge skin metabolism and revitalize skin straight from the core. 
  •  Brilliance Honey Peel
  •  CellRevive Booster
  •  Vitali-Tea Massage Mask
  •  Defense Mask
  • Oxygenates skin to recharge energy metabolism and revive optimal skin functions
  • Infuses bright radiance, evens skin tone and boosts fresh skin renewal
  • Strengthens skin's defense system with powerful free radical-fighting properties to effectively combat damage caused by external aggressors
Blanc Precision ProWhite System

Blanc Precision ProWhite System

Regain pristine fairness with a groundbreaking smart whitening treatment that uses revolutionary dermal science and nano-delivery technology to stop pigmentation before it occurs. Going beyond lightening visible discolorations on the surface, this dermatological breakthrough lies in its advanced ingredient delivery system that accurately targets the melanin-inducing hormoneαMSH, and prevents the start of melanin production.
  • Deep Awakening Complex
  • DoubleWhite Concentrate
  • Aqua Revive Essence
  • DoubleWhite Intensive Booster
  • LumiSnow Nutritive Mask
  • DoubleWhite Concentrate
  • Lighten stubborn pigmentation and dark spots
  • Brightens dull skin and even out overall complexion
  • Boots hydration to enhance skin luminosity and suppleness
GlycaRV Collagene System

GlycaRV Collagene System

Reverse Glycation-Induced Skin Aging to Restore Youthful Perfection Duration: 90 mins GlycaRV CollagèneTM System is an intense collagen treatment that reverses and prevents glycation damage on the skin. Using sophisticated ingredients with scientifically-proven results, it repairs glycated fibers, inhibits the reaction of sugar molecules and regenerates collagen production. The treatment improves elasticity, corrects the onset of fine lines and firms the skin. Skin emerges plump and supple with a tauter facial contour. Dull, uneven and yellowish complexion is visibly corrected, as the radiance of youth resurfaces.
  • Peel
  • A.G.E. Corrective Ampoule
  • Phyto Nourishing Oil
  • SkinFit Melting Mask & SkinFit Melting Mask Activator
  • NutriCaviar Mask
  • Corrects lines & loss of firmness caused by glycation
  • Plumps skin & tightens facial contour
  • Reduces skin yellowness to regain healthy radiance
Stem-Cellogist TX Professional

Stem-Cellogist TX Professional

Based on the Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery of Telomeres to Recreate, Reconstruct & Regenerate Youthful Skin Duration: 90 mins By triggering a cascading series of micro-transformations in skin, wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed out, with skin regaining resilience and tautness. The treatment also lightens imperfections caused by UV damage such as pigmentation and evens out skin tone to recover a fresh glow of luminescence that could only belong to healthy, youthful skin.
  • Stem-Cellogist TX NuEnzyme Peel
  • Stem-Cellogist TX PhytoTensor Massage Essence I
  • Stem-Cellogist TX LiftXpress Ampoule
  • Stem-Cellogist TX Sea Caviar Luxe Massage Cream II
  • Stem-Cellogist TX Gold Champagne Redensify Mask + Activator
  • Smoothens out fine lines & wrinkles while replenishing volume for increased firmness & elasticity
  • Lightens pigmentation & evens out skin tone for an uniformly illuminated & fresh complexion
  • Nourishes skin with nutrients, hydration & vitamins for optimal vitality & health
Visionergy GF+

Visionergy GF+

Powerful when used independently, these restorative powers of these revolutionary ingredients are fully unlocked when delivered in unison onto skin. The 6 carefully curated biomimetic Growth Factors bind to GF-receptors to increase the production of skin cells by up to 13x. This dramatic acceleration is powered by the Optic-ATP™, which recharges the cells and provides up to 343% increase in Cellular Energy to support the increase in skin cellular activity.
  • Pro-Enzymatic Gommage
  • Activ+ Eye Defining Pack
  • ATP+ Eye Energizing Ampoule
  • BioPeptide+ Goggle Mask
  • Plumps up fine lines & wrinkles for youthful-looking eyes
  • Illuminates dull skin around the eyes and reduces dark circles
  • Drains under-eye puffiness