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What’s All the Fuss on Skin Microbiome & Finding the Right Treatment

What’s All the Fuss on Skin Microbiome & Finding the Right Treatment

Bacteria aren’t necessarily harmful; in fact, understanding how healthy bacteria support your health can help you live a more balanced lifestyle on the inside and out. Consider the skin’s microbiome, a vast network of billions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other particles that influence how our skin looks and feels. 

This microscopic world related to our bodies is in charge of controlling the operation of the skin barrier, which protects us from viruses, toxins, and other environmental variables. It also has an impact on the appearance of the skin, which is why microbiome skin care has become a rapidly increasing area in the beauty industry.

What is the skin’s microbiome?

The microbiome is the skin’s unique ecosystem of microorganisms existing on and in the layers of your skin. Like a protective layer, the microbiome works to support the skin barrier and is the first physical point of contact for your immune system.

What are prebiotics? 

Prebiotics are fuel for the good bacteria on the skin’s surface. They provide energy to probiotics and allow microbiome to flourish. Probiotics keep our skin balanced and healthy inside and out. When prebiotics keep the populations of probiotics healthy, skin’s microbiome remains uncompromised.

What are postbiotics?

Postbiotics are the leftovers of bacteria that have been either fermented or went through lysation. These inner parts of the bacteria act as antioxidants and humectants and are beneficial to the skin.

Thus, adding bacteria to the skin and using gentle products to help maintain its balance seems essential to good skin health. That’s where microbiome skincare comes in handy!

Skin’s Microbiome Treatment

You may have heard of microbiome skin care but a treatment specially done for your skin’s microbiome? Yes, you heard it right!

Perfectly designed with an orchestra of carefully selected actives to encourage microbiome balance and re-establish ideal skin moisture levels. The restoration of hydro-biotic harmony on the skin helps restore optimal barrier functions, resulting in resilient, long-lasting healthy complexion.

Bellewave® Skinbiome Recharge contains a perfect blend of prebiotics & postbiotics to strengthen the microbiome ecosystem. Further amplified by PreBio, an advanced complex of prebiotics that restores the skin barrier function for an overall balanced skin ecosystem. WillowPlus, a natural alternative to Salicyclic Acid encourages gentle exfoliation to allow new, smooth skin to be revealed.

With 3x prebiotics action, 118% skinmunno protection and 110% rapid moisturization, experience triple actions that rebalances microflora, up to 153% increase in immunity markers with post-treatment with Prebiotics, external Hyaluronic Acid replenishment and boosted inner HA regeneration.

This treatment calms skin redness and irritations while helping to reduce congestion and impurities while unifying dull, blotchy skin tones and reinstate glowing radiance! 

Look forward to a skin complexion that glows with a healthy radiance, a refined texture and smoother appearance.

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