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Prismatique Glow Treatment Awarded Grand Prix D’excellence D’ Actifs Haute-Technologie

Prismatique Glow Treatment Awarded Grand Prix D’excellence D’ Actifs Haute-Technologie

We are pleased to announce that our product has been selected as an award recipient in this year’s Grand Prix de la Beaute, organised by the Hong Kong Beauty Magazine.

The winning product, BelleWave Prismatique Glow Treatment has been awarded the Grand Prix d’Excellence d’Actifs Haute-Technologie Award, which is given to beauty products that contains breakthrough innovations in its formulations.

Prismatique Glow Treatment is an intensive glow system engineered to create the ideal conditions to achieve glass-like translucent skin by unlocking the Glass Skin Trifecta. Each component within this trifecta is equally important in transforming the skin for the ultimate glow. By reforming, hydrating, and strengthening the skin, the complexion is reborn, revealing smooth, unified, dewy skin that emanates light with a soft, glowy effect.

Powered by an ultra-stabilized active form of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione, supplemented by 24K Submicrometric Gold Particles carrier, creating a superb formulation that infinitely regenerates antioxidants!

In a macromolecular membrane created from natural Eucalyptus plant fibres, the Cryo-lyophilized masque in Prismatique Glow Treatment protects the efficacy of its skin-reconditioning components. ActiFusion Water’s energy surge reawakens the implanted actives, providing moisture-boosting effects deep into the skin. This amazing technique creates a constant, long-lasting glow and luminosity.

The combination of advanced active ingredients and innovative delivery pathway augments this 4-step approach to immediately help skin achieve a translucence trifecta of unified tone, dewy complexion and re-energized glow.

BelleWave is constantly inventing unique solutions that are clinically proven to give the best results in skincare, backed by vast scientific knowledge and significant research in the field of cellular skin therapy. Our products maintain the health and vitality of skin cells and preserve the overall youthful appearance with a formulation of active ingredients that can be easily absorbed by skin cells to improve their biological function.

We at BelleWave are delighted with this recognition and will continue to serve our customers with high precision professional treatment together with a perfect balance of safety and efficacy.

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